A Fun and Free Approach to Teaching Geography

wp-1475509997625.pngWe are approaching Geography a little different this year.  Because it seems that my kids have been enjoying it much more this year, I would like to share what we are doing.

I read an article a while back on how one homeschool mom alternates Science, History, and Geography throughout the year.  I really liked the thought of this approach, and so, we decided to try it this year.

We chose to study one subject and alternate weekly.  Our first week we chose Geography.  I gave a lot of thought about what I wanted to teach: geographical terms, how to study a map, Longitude and Latitude lines, or a specific country, continent, state, or city.   After racking my brain for several minutes and looking into some online resources, I came up with an idea.

I sat my kids down and began to lay out the plan, mainly to see what kind of reaction I would get.  In my dreams, I would have received huge smiles, great big hugs, along with unending praise of what an awesome mom I am and how fun this was going to be. There would also be balloons, streamers, and a huge slice of cheesecake. It’s my dream, okay!  Instead, I got what I usually get, which was a couple of, “okays”, and shoulder shrugs.  In my house, unless we  just announced that we were going to Disney World, this is a typical acceptance of things to come.

My plan was to have them close their eyes, spin the globe and wherever their finger landed on the globe, stopping it, they would do research on that area.  I decided to make it four days of research, and on Friday they would present their project.

Some of the things I wanted them to learn about was what continent and country they had landed on.  They had to give me the Longitude and Latitude lines, what bordered their country, whether it be other countries or water.  They were encouraged to list some geographical features, climate, and what animals lived in that area as well.  My son went as far as telling me if his country was a democracy or not.  They had to give references of where they obtained their information as well.  They were to work on their project each day for 15-30 minutes.

I can not tell you how many times they came up to me throughout the week showing me something interesting they had found and telling me all about it.

On Friday, they took turns standing in front of their sibling and myself, reading off all the cool facts and information they had found.  Not only did they learn about their own country.  They also got to listen to each other, learning about another country as well.

The following Monday, my daughter asked when were we going to start Geography for the day, and I reminded her that this week was science.  To my amazement, she was very disappointed that she had to wait to do Geography for a couple of weeks.

I can safely say, this one is a keeper.


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