Blame it All on My Roots


This picture was taken in Cameron, Texas at an awesome BBQ joint. After watching my nephew play t-ball, we all decided we wanted BBQ for supper and according to my sister and her husband, it had the best BBQ in town. Circle S BBQ was basically a large metal building with a drive through and a covered area with a few picnic tables to either wait on your order or “dine” in.

We ordered brisket, because who doesn’t order brisket at a BBQ place in TEXAS, and dug in. The food was not a disappointment!

While eating, the drive through was in continuous motion with trucks and trailers pulling fully tacked horses ready to work. Typical traffic for a small town in Texas.

While eating, a group of men came up, ordering at the window, and then sitting to patiently wait on their food. They caught my attention immediately because they were the epitome of a Texas cowboy. Dusty old cowboy hats, jeans that had seen better days, and old button up blue jean shirts. To top it off, they walked up with their spurs jingling. I immediately took a few pictures. This was the end result.

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