Healthy Gut, Happy YOU!

4 days in and I am already seeing changes.
As you all know, I am a homeschool mom of two.  Knowing that my children’s success, or lack there of, lands squarely on my shoulders, is beyond stressful.  This stress translates, for me at least, into frustrations and an irritability on my part, that my husband and kids receive the brunt of.

Take today for example.  My daughter is struggling to grasp some math concepts.  Typically, I would have become impatient, and so frustrated with her ability to grasp these concepts in the amount of time I thought was adequate.  She is already frustrated and ready to quit without me adding to the meltdown by having one of my own, which happens more often than I would like to admit.

Today, however, was surprisingly different.  The difference wasn’t in how quickly my child learned her math, or how much better her attitude was towards her mother.  No, the difference was me, my attitude, and the way I handled the eye rolls and mumbling.  About a quarter of the way through the lesson, I began to see it.  I began realizing that I wasn’t frustrated like I normally would have been by then.  I wasn’t becoming angry with my daughter for her attitude towards someone who was just trying to help.

It was like the fog had been lifted.  Yes, I know 4 days is not a long time for me to already be thinking that this is because of Plexus, but I know myself well enough to know that this wasn’t a fluke.  I know when there is a change in my attitude and the way I react to situations, whether good or bad.

90% of your body’s mood-boosting serotonin is produced in your gut.  The Plexus Triplex System is a combination of Bio Cleanse, ProBio 5 and Slim supplements.  Bio Cleanse works to remove harmful microbes and substances from your gut, ProBio 5 restores a healthy balance to your intestinal tract, and Slim helps your gut microbiome thrive while supporting healthy glucose metabolism.

On a rather personal note, I would also add that my bowel movements are beginning to finally show some semblance of normalcy.  YEAH, HIGH FIVE!!!

4 days in and WOW! That is all I have to say!

Still skeptical? I would be too if it was just me on this journey, but it isn’t.  I have two older sisters that can attest to the same benefits, which is the sole reason I am where I am now.  Without hearing about their results, I would have never joined myself.  Please, google or bing, or whatever you do, “TriPlex testimonials”, and hear from others.  It is well worth it.

If you are already on the way to a healthier you with Plexus, please leave a comment and share how their products have benefitted you.



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