Get Outside

It’s Friday and the plan for our Fridays are usually pretty light as far as school is concerned.  This Friday, however, will be a regular full school day.  We played hooky on Tuesday and Wednesday.  IMG_20180424_115249.jpg

This is why I love homeschooling.  We had the opportunity to stay at a close friends lake house and took full advantage of it.  I didn’t have to worry about calling the school and asking for my kids to be excused, or wait for school to be out completely. Nope, we just went!  The freedom of homeschool!

I know some on the outside might think it irresponsible to not school everyday, but I know my kids learned as they played.   Science happened!  History was discussed!  Believe it or not, math was even used!  This is what we call, “real life learning”.

Too many kids don’t get outside and play.  Our world has been taken over by electronics and cell phones, and to be able to get outside and disconnect is fantastic, and I never miss an opportunity to do so!IMG_20180425_120955~2.jpg

Let’s encourage our children to go outside, discover, and learn!